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2021 Donor Appreciation Reception


 In June, our Donor Appreciation Reception was held at Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club.   SSWSC and the SSWSC Foundation celebrated our support partners, sponsors and numerous donors to express our gratitude for their continued support throughout unprecedented times.  We also celebrated athletic achievements and the beginning of a new era for the Barrows Chairlift and the generous donation from  Smartwool, a subsidiary of VF Corporation, that is making a new lift possible while leaving a lasting legacy at Howelsen Hill that will benefit the club and the community for decades to come.  For more information and the many ways to support and donate to the SSWSC, visit

Photo of 2020 Nashville Artists.jpeg
SSWSC Presents - 2020 House Concert



The House Concert was held on a warm August evening at the beautiful home of Steve and Karen Speer.  Award-winning Nashville artists Kelley Lovelace, Chris DeStefano and Tim Nichols entertained our guests with storytelling and singing their chart-busting songs.  Our thanks to our Presenting Sponsors and guests who made this Foundation fundraising event, benefiting the SSWSC Scholarship Fund, possible under challenging circumstances.  We are grateful to the Tredway family who first provided us with the opportunity three years ago to bring this extraordinary event through their personal connection to Nashville artists.   

Left to Right:  Kelley Lovelace, Chris DeStefano and Tim Nichols

"Organizations like the SSWSC are ones to be highly valued in the community. With the added support of its community, families and patrons, programs can be more than just ordinary, more than just basic. These programs can be extraordinary and next level, which is needed and sought after by those who aspire to hold a medal on the world stage.
Why wouldn't you want to support something that supports the community like the SSWSC?"
-Hunter Bishop, SSWSC Athlete & Supporter

Thank You For Your Support

During the unprecedented year of challenges our supporters stepped up their contributions to the SSWSC Foundation.  By any measure, we had a successful year thanks to you.

We were unable to have the “All In!” fundraiser in December which is something we always enjoy planning to celebrate our athletes and coaches with community members, partners, sponsors and donors.   However, your generous contributions through Colorado Gives Day helped reduce the loss of revenue  from the cancellation of this Foundation fundraising event.  We also appreciated the many gifts designated to the SSWSC Endowment Fund which will help sustain the Club in the future.

Even though our capacity was limited, we were very grateful to have had the outdoor 2020 House Concert during the summer which benefited the Scholarship Fund.   


In a year where many families faced hardship, you significantly increased scholarship opportunities to local families that got their kids out of the house and back with their teammates and coaches for healthy, outdoor activity and pursuit of their dreams.  

Ellen Campbell.jpg


Ellen Campbell
Director of

No matter the size of your gift, you made an impact on the lives of the SSWSC athletes and invested in our future. 


We appreciate your continued support.



Ellen Campbell
Director of Development
SSWSC & The Foundation SSWSC

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