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Featured Coaches: Lars Johnson & Mike Bansmer

For the third year in a row, a SSWSC coach was recognized by U.S. Ski & Snowboard as their sport’s national coach of the year. Except this year, TWO SSWSC coaches were recipients of this honor. High Performance Moguls Coach Lars Johnson (above left) was named the U.S. Freestyle Coach of the Year. In its nomination, U.S. Ski & Snowboard acknowledged the multiple athletes that he coached that earned World Cup start berths and his leadership in long-term athlete development and skills acquisition. Alpine FIS Head Coach Mike Bansmer  (above right) was named the U.S. Alpine Coach of the Year for leading one of the deepest alpine talent pools in the country, and in the process, having an instrumental coaching role in numerous national and international training and competition projects where SSWSC athletes were in attendance.


Our coaches were in uncharted territory as they strived to keep our athletes safe and thriving in a pandemic year, and they sure rose to the occasion. Here is a sampling of responses from our end of season survey.


"I am floored by how the coaches handled this year. They are amazing and communicative and it was almost as if we were not in the middle of a world pandemic. I am so impressed by their communication and how well they navigated the challenges that had to be overcome given COVID. I feel so lucky that my son had these coaches. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We are so excited about the coaching and coaches for the team. They are fantastic and go way out of their way to help and inspire the kids. Very, very impressive. We feel so lucky to be part of this amazing program and its extraordinary coaches! It's a humbling feeling. We are so grateful. It has been life changing for our son."

"She went out of her way to make this very strange year the best one that our son has had.  Kudos to her and all of SSWSC for giving the kids something amazing to focus on during an uncertain year."

"Most importantly, my kids had FUN! I also witnessed a lot of kindness, encouragement and sportsmanship among this group - modeled by the coaches! So THANK YOU for that!

Maddy is a champion and models that behavior both on and off the snow.  From positivity to integrity, she exemplifies the core values of the SSWSC and snowboarding in general.  She has spread her enthusiasm not just from the senior team.  Her infectious enthusiasm is prevalent throughout the program."

"These coaches were AMAZING.  So committed, the kids love them, they push them, they nurture them.....I can't say enough good things and would recommend this program to ALL parents.  The passion that they show for the sport and these kids is admirable!"

"These coaches really demonstrated a caring, compassionate environment and did their best to treat each individual athlete as an important part of the team. Listening to the coaches meetings the night before races was powerful.  It made me realize how dedicated these coaches are to the team."

"I believe that the coaches have done an amazing job during a year that was full of hurdles and challenges.  The resiliency and adaptability the SSWSC staff and coaches have exhibited this year has shown these athletes what is possible if you will not be defeated by circumstances.  Also, the call to accountability has helped to reinforce the message of being responsible members of society.  My children are very young, but they have learned so much this year beyond the proper way to make an s turn.  They have learned what it truly means to be a team member and how to respect your teammates through our actions.  Thank you so much for all you have done this year!"

Did you know? 

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262 coaches worked with young SSWSC athletes in our community

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